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CCleaner 6 Professional [1-PC]

Give your system a speed boost by cleansing and optimising your PC

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Go out and buy a new computer, turn it on for the first time and you’ll be amazed how quickly it boots and launches the installed applications. Your first thoughts will be that you were right to sell your old PC as this one is so much more speedy that you have become more productive.

Result? You settle in to your old habits of installing and testing software, removing them from your system and quickly misunderstanding that it’s the software that drives your computer, not the hardware. There’s little difference between a 1-year-old PC and a brand number computer. They all rely on the same element and that’s the operating system and installed applications.

The answer is a system cleanser and there are few better tools than CCleaner. This tool will remove unwanted information, temporary files, your browsing history, huge log files and even the settings left behind by previously installed software.

A brand new CCleaner 6 feature is the Performance Optimizer. While many performance optimization techniques found in other apps make only a subjective differences, the boost given by this new feature can be measured in benchmarks.

Performance Optimizer uses a three- step process which helps to not only improve the speed of just about any Windows system. but also squeeze more battery life out of laptops. it works by detecting all of the apps and services you have on your computer and identifies any background tasks and processes that they may be running. CCleaner is able to put anything that is deemed unnecessary into sleep mode, thereby freeing up resources and speeding things ups. When a sleeping component is needed by an app you are using, it will be automatically reenabled – but only for as long as necessary.

Another new feature of CCleaner 6 is the improved software updater. In the name of security, features and performance, it is imperative that the apps you have installed are kept up to date, and CCleaner helps to ensure that you always have the very latest versions installed.

CCleaner doesn’t stop there. It includes some security tools such as a data eraser so you can make sure files and information is completely removed from your PC.

Includes a 1-PC, 1-Year license.