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Laplink PCmover Professional v11

Quickly transfer applications, data, settings and more from an old computer to your new PC.

Includes 1-migration license.

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Moving to a new PC can be an exciting time. You'll probably have a more powerful processor, larger hard drive, faster networking and I/O, a better monitor maybe, with all kinds of other new possibilities to explore.

But of course there are major hassles involved, too. Like moving all your files. Reinstalling all your applications, as well as their addons and extensions. And then reconfiguring everything with the appropriate settings (can you remember every tweak you've ever made to your browser of choice, for instance? Didn't think so.)

If that sounds too much like hard work, though, keep in mind that there is an alternative.

Laplink's PCmover Professional 11 is a powerful, yet surprisingly simple tool which can automate the process of transferring all your chosen applications, settings and files from one setup to another.

If your system has several user accounts, that's not a problem: PCmover Professional can transfer any or all of them, even preserving the security details about who owns which files.

If you're moving from one PC to another, for instance, then as long as you can connect the two - either directly, or just have them visible to each other on the same network - PCmover Professional will be able to transfer your data at very high speed.

Includes 1-migration license.

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