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Windows 10 Professional

Install a fresh Windows 10 Professional or upgrade from Windows 7 or 10 Home to Professional with this fantastic offer!

Only for readers of PC-Welt - only valid until January 31, 2020

Today's Price: 39.99 € 259.00 €
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When you bought your computer with Windows 10 pre-installed, the chances are that it came with Windows 10 Home. You're probably aware that Windows 10 Professional is available, but did you know just how cheap and easy it is to update and the benefits it can bring you?

We have some great news. Windows 10 Professional keeps everything you’ve learned to love about Home but adds a lot more. Not only is upgrading to Windows 10 Professional incredibly simple, it does not mean that you have to reinstall from scratch; it takes little more than changing your product key. We also have a great special offer that makes upgrading even cheaper than normal, so let's take a look at what you stand to gain if you do make the jump.

We've got a special deal that will save up a colossal 259,00€ (or 86 percent) off the regular price of Windows 10 Professional. You can grab yourself a reduced-price (a mere 39.99€) license key from this page.

You can then use your Windows 10 Professional license to upgrade from Windows 10 Home or from Windows 7 Professional or, alternatively, as a fresh new install. The choice is yours.

Please note that Windows 10 Professional includes a 1-PC retail license which means you can install on a single PC and, later, move to another PC where required.

New! Now includes the very latest October 2020 (build 20H2) update.

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